No rock climbing.  They have outdoor options in the summer, but we don't have time to do indoor option now.  There is a climbing gym in the Sport Center.

Yes, we are downhill skiing a lot, except today and yesterday we tried, but the it was too windy and closed.

The fire torches were not hot, but really fun and special.  We wanted to do it again, but our friend said no, it was something to experience and remember for this time in our life.

The restaurant with the barn we went into for fondue was Restaurant Fluhmatt.

We were not told any names for the lambs by the farmer.  Maybe they have not named them yet.

The lambs were really dirty, soft, and fluffy.

We think there were around 18 sheep and lambs.

Parker, wants to bring everyone a little piece of wrapped chocolate to take home from school.  Is it possible?

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